Herb Stevenson

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Hi Folks,

This website is a collage of my writings from the last 40 years. As you can tell, I am eclectic in my interests. More writings and details can also be found at my other websites.

Cleveland Consulting Group, Inc.

Natural Passages

One White Horse Standing



Thoughts: A Beginning

Thoughts is a story about how thoughts create our realities. It is a fun and exciting spiritual journey about the awakening process of an individual whose world is turned upside down when he meets this strange person named DocKnow. It is whimsical and piercing in the ponderings evoked as the pages magnetically draw one into a exploration of the inner world that creates the meaning making perceptions of the outer world.

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Thoughts II: The Next Steps: A Calling

The journey continues for Tom as he re-engages with DocKnow and a host of new teachers, each expanding his awareness of the presence of what is present that is mostly ignored in daily life. Tom often is pushed and pulled into these new awarenesses as he goes on a couple of journeys while being nudged by DocKnow and White Horse. In this fast paced story, many spiritual secrets are revealed leaving Tom reeling from each new discovery.

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